Technical information

Color: White Wine
Region: Setúbal Península
Grape varieties: Moscatel Roxo
Harvest Period: End of August
Fermentation: Inox with controlled temperature
Ageing: No ageing
Alcohol: 13.5 % vol
Residual Sugar: 2 g/lt
Producer: Quinta do Piloto – Vinhos, Lda


Quinta do Piloto COLLECTION is a limited edition made with singular grape varieties made only in the best years. This is a wine made from a small vineyards situated in Agualva. This wine was created with Moscatel Roxo grape variety, this is a rare variety known for elaborate one of the best fortified Portuguese wines, the Moscatel of Setúbal Roxo, which was even risking the extinction. Its unique purple color makes the difference between the Moscatel de Setúbal.
These special variety tend to offer delicate and floral notes with great intensity. These vineyards are planted in sandy soils. The final result it’s an impressive wine, with great intensity, freshness and minerality with floral and Lychee notes.


Quinta do Piloto is state located in Palmela region from Cardoso family. Cardoso family is one of the ancient Palmela families with great traditions in making the best and traditionalist Palmela wines.
Humberto Cardoso was the creator of Quinta do Piloto, now Filipe Cardoso is the 4th generation of the family that keep the company running.

Test Results

Color: White color with grey hints

Aroma: Very delicate, dry rose, dry apricots, litchis and hazelnuts

Palate: The palate is very firm, with great intensity and freshness. The floral character combines with the litches notes, and the apricot. It is very intense and persistent in the palate, youg and fresh.